Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Scott Peterson Award

Down Supremacy's first Scott Peterson Award for a person who should have been aborted goes to mtdeeley@hotmail.com for this illiterate email he sent me in response to my site. Please feel free to email him all you want with your comments:

"Do you know a better way to remove Downs Syndrome from society? I've seen
people with that condition. I think they're better off dead! Seriously,
their quality of life is very low and I jsut hate loking at them.

Sidenote: GI Joe references do not help the legitimacy of your arguement.
Now don't sned me another e-mail or I'll sick Voltron on your ass."


Mr. Deeley, I would advice you to go back and finish the second grade before you send me any more letters. You look like you're pretty ugly based on the picture I posted below and according to your own website you are still a virgin. Good luck doing comic book reviews that no one is ever gonna read. I'm not going to do you the favor of posting your site.


"Who Is... Michael Deeley?

Michael Deeley has been reading comics since he was 12 years old. His first book was an issue of Silver Surfer by Jim Starlin, leading him to see all comics as ideological conflicts with big-ass fight scenes. At the very least, he expects a comic to be entertaining in some fashion, which is why he thinks Secret Wars II is better than Dark Knight Strikes Back. He has never work in the comics field, but he does have a belligerent attitude and a lot of free time.

During his brief intervals in the real world, Michael looks for a paying job that should, (theoretically) lead to a better life involving more comics, privacy, and women.

He currently lives between Pittsburgh, PA, and the Pittsburgh International Airport, in a suburb so new, it only has one McDonalds."

-From Michael Deeley's comic nerd review site.

And here's a picture of my son Clark. He is the sort of person that bitter, unattractive losers like Michael Deeley would have wiped off the face of the Earth:


Blogger Jason Brice said...

Why is your disagreement with Mike Deeley relevant to SBC readers? What he wrote to you was in a private email, and does not reflect the views and opinions of the vast majority of this site's contributors and readers.

By the way, calling people who read comics "nerds" is low, and totally irrelevant to your argument.

Take your feud elsewhere.

Jason Brice
Editor-in-chief, Silver Bullet Comics

10:25 PM  
Blogger MaBuggles said...

I know this is somewhat off the perverbial nerd track, but I found the following poignant statement on the Schiavo case in NYC's craigslist raves: "The tragedy of the Schiavo case is that nobody seems to have the facts. The major media have all called it the "Terry Schiavo Right-to-Die Case". I believe they have done so deliberately to deflect those who are uninformed about the case from getting involved. The one sticking point is that nobody with any credibility can bear witness to the fact that SHE wants to die or ever did. The only person who claims that she wants death is her husband who has suspicious motives for wanting her dead from the very beginning. In case you liberals haven't been keeping track of the damage you have done to this country I would like to point something out to you: WHEN A CONVICT IS CONDEMNED TO DEATH, HE MUST BE CONDEMNED BY A FUCKING JURY; NOT A SINGLE JUDGE, OR A STRING OF SUCCESSIVE JUDGES. TERRY SCHIAVO HASN'T HAD THE MEASLY COURTESY OF A JURY. Yet you liberals are ready to condemn this woman in a cruel and inhumane way (dehydration) only because pro-lifers are the ones trying to protect her. If Barbra Streisand and Warren Beatty were speaking on her behalf, it would be a different story. You liberals would be ranting about something completely different (Abu Ghraib or the Tsunami). Most democrats will stay away from this issue because it is a lose-lose for them. Only the dyed-in-the-wool, scumbag, lowlife liberals will take on this fight because they hate pro-lifers just that much. I guarantee you this: IF TERRY SCHIAVO HAD HAD A LIVING WILL THAT SPELLED OUT HER UNWILLINGNESS TO LIVE IN THE CONDITION SHE IS IN, NONE OF US WOULD HAVE EVER HEARD OF HER. She would have died 15 years ago, her hubby would be fat on malpractice money, and we would all be none the wiser. We are a compassionate people in this country. We don't execute people who suffer from Homosexuality, Autistim, Downs Syndrome, Cleft Pallet or any other mental or physical abnormality. Nazis did though. They did so with the firm belief that they were being compassionate. I know you liberals like to think that Nazis were inherently evil like comic book villains -- that they plotted like Lex Luthor, but they were just like modern liberals. They firmly believed in the right to abortion, gun control and euthanasia all in the name of compassion. It even seems that Hitler was somewhat of an animal-rights sympathizer. Look it up in a real history book. They wanted to make the world a better place, and they thought they were doing good things when they killed people who were not "perfect"." ... Anyway, this Mike apparently has alot to contribute to our generation by way of ignorant hate - is he AFRAID of people w/DownSyndrome? Maybe he feels threatened by them ... i dunno, someone like that is not really worth the effort in pondering.

2:37 PM  
Blogger deminizer said...

Makes me wonder why I get up in the morning, too many lame brains in this world...

Then I read about Dear Mike, sitting in his dingy apartment, firing off genocidal e-mails (probably meant to be humorous in some nazi-fascist fruitcake sense), routinely humping his lazy-boy in search of that comfortable broken in spring that tickles his underused self-abused scrotum, and it occurs to me...

I could be worse off.

What the fuck? I could be Mike Deely and hate things I don't understand...

I'd much rather hate things like Mike Deely.

5:06 PM  

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