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Ricky Caril: Portrait of an Asian Poet

Ricky Caril ( B. July 24th, 1977 Okinawa, Japan- D. March 3rd 2002 Cleveland, Ohio)


His nightmarish childhood working the twenty two hour slave shifts in Okinawa’s sneaker factories during Nike’s early eighties boom would not have led Ricky Caril to believe he was going to be a poet. Neither would his tortured life at home where he suffered the unwanted attentions of his fishmonger mother and yearned for his missing father Nicholas Caril, an American soldier who ran off shortly after Ricky’s birth.
Following a similar path to that taken by the guinea pig used to validate Cor Bradder’s famous “abusive Jesus” theory, absent Nicholas Caril’s homeland, Cleveland, would become Ricky’s inadequate saviour. One night in August 1985, a co worker at Ricky’s sweatshop told Ricky about a movie that was being filmed in nearby Hawaii but set in Okinawa. The movie was “Karate Kid Part 2” and Ricky, desperate to be exposed to his father’s culture, slapped together a raft out of Nike soles and shoelaces and made the dangerous journey across the sea.
Eight year old Ricky’s raft was taking on water near a school of mako sharks when the U.S. Coast Guard discovered him ten miles off the coast of Oahu. After being rescued Ricky was taken to a local police station and questioned. The police captain, charmed by Ricky’s starstruck story, used his influence to contact the film’s director John G. Avildsen. When Mr. Avildsen met Ricky he was so taken aback by his “pepperpot eyes” that he gave Ricky a part as an extra.
After filming of “The Karate Kid Part 2” wrapped up Ricky decided to use his earnings to travel across America. Years of wanton searching for his father took Ricky from San Francisco to Cleveland with plenty of other stops along the way. It was on a Greyhound to Cincinatti that Ricky came across a piss stained copy of “The Complete Poetry Of Edgar Allen Poe”. Ricky fell hard for Poe’s lyricism and soon began to compose poems of his own, inspired pieces that skewered and illuminated everything from the sweatshops in Okinawa to Shorey Connelly and the Irish mob’s stranglehold on Cleveland.
Do yourself a solid and pick up a copy of Ricky’s epic poem “Peaces” , it is simply amazing to uncover the depth of maturity and robust imagery present in the late Mr. Caril’s work especially when you realize that all this was accomplished before the age of thirty. The stuff that Ricky Caril was made of was more than that of laureates and suicidal female melodrama, , and it’s something that transcends the bullet Reeger Connelly fired into his groin that cold March night in Cleveland. Something that leaked out along with the blood that poured from Ricky’s penis as he bled to death in the alley next to Connelly’s Pub. Something that seeped into the Mississippi so it could float alongside the garbage barges who, in the voice that Ricky gave them in his poem “Seachem”, said “I boat. Seachem have no power. Boats slide away. I am friend though of cat...No, must slide! Boat can’t ever love...”


The Lost Brianwilsonore

Me licks the sounds of Brian Wilson,
he sees me from the sloop John B

sunbeams in me eyes
the frames on me spectacles melted awry

all I see is unright
thar’ll be bent bunny pirates sailing on a crooked ship

me mateys’ll be sailing while pegasus drip syphilis
from equine vaginas on our crossbone caps

this be the most horriblest sea, arr! the crookedest ocean
bent Poseidon pets pussies with wrenches dipped in Massengil

and the frames on me spectacles have melted awry
all I see is unright


The Truth About Jesus

Jesus Christ was killed in battle while helping lions escape from the Coliseum an animal rights activist his real name was Nick Nick became a saint reborn in 1982 as the inspiration for Christmas Season Bob a drug store Santa who stole downers and gave them out to homeless junkies during blizzards so they’d kill themselves instead of freeze to death Bob recognized his own Mary when he saw a little girl discoursing handball and she had a demonic smile playing around her mouth as she grasped the rubber blue ball in rebound taut and threw it at his face like a barb in Bob’s hat he grabbed the girl and kissed her regardless of age was lynched witnessed arrested raped in jail he sacrificed himself like Christ supposedly did for love and since Christmas Season Bob was Christ the Christ really did sacrifice himself and there is no truth about Jesus.


The Meowley Pirates

Me’d bumped three Ritalins drank six beers
anutherr bowl me’d get anutherr eighth to smoke

ay today was fun, tis I that listened to the Beatles
me’s be needin’ more beer, six waren’t enough

arr me really ain’t had all three Ritalins, tharr warr still arr line left
me didn’t feel like riding me bike to Phil’s house bein’ this seahigh

it bein’ this late New Orleans be a strange land!
arrgh me has to go, me needs something to come down off the Ritalins for me final tommorrow

me’d dranken a bottle of PowerAde, t’were twenty ounces liquid, me’d dranken two glassers of water’s brew
t’were sixteen ounces itself, me’s be needin’ thirty-six more ounces of water’s brew to be makin’ up fer what me lost from drinkin’ de beers

me mouth be parched, me needs to wet it anutherr time,
water’s brew cleans me insides like Liquid Plumber, Popeye eats me spinach too cause we needs ta be eatin’ arrgh spinach

me heartburns be actin’ up again, feel somethin’ lodged in me throt but there’s ayn’t naught, me name from now is Meowley
seen a doggy devil before, fell a victim to the doggy devil’s tricky scurvy circles, arrgh!

Doggy devil claimed Meowley had no span worth attending to. Now Meowley scribbled to ward of demons, and Meowley can’t stop, and Meowley is sick, and Meowley doesn’t know what to do...


Orange Adam West

Seahorses live like cuckolds in the sea
my friend Ben was like that too

a seahorse crying
covered by a shelly kind of love

then there’s Adam
out west in L.A.

another seahorse swept away
no fins to fight against the current

forget about Ben & Adam
there’s an orange Adam West

orange skin & red scalpels
to dice clits with

Orange Adam West orange Batman suit
turning murders into orange art
everywhere is green with orange.



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