Thursday, December 15, 2005

Jericho's Precinct

In Eternia was Jericho's job to enforce people's taste to prevent them from become lame and cheesy like Skeletor and Snake Mountain's finest henchmen such as Beast Man and Tri Clops.

Now I do same job on Earth...


Jericho the destroyer and cronar saw movie called Derailed.

This movie had Jeniffer Aniston and Clive Owen and RZA and Xzibit and Vincent Cassell in it.

Cronar much enjoyed this movie and so did I.

This movie smashed and destroyed all my previous impressions of Jennifer Aniston.

She does good job in her role.

Clive Owen always is good in movies.

Derailed is no exception, Cronar thinks Clive Owen destroyed his part and destroyed other actors that are trying to destroy him with this performance.

Jericho never saw RZA in a movie before but he had enjoyed listening to his music while smashing and destroying villages and dragonmonsters.

Cronar is also a fan of RZA's music.

As an actor RZA smashed his part and gave a touching performance that leads to one of the most disturbing scenes Jericho has seen in a long time.

A sad scene that pummeled Jericho's heart the way the club of Jericho had pummeled and smashed and destroyed many a dragonmonster.

Vincent Cassell was mean and bad and creepy and he made both me and Cronar want to smash the screen everytime he came on.

Jeniffer aniston has nice legs in this movie and even thought Jericho was bored for the first 15 minutes once this movie gets going it is much like its title.

Jericho means that this movie is like a train that starts off on a track like normal and then it gets derailed and it is suspenseful.

Xzibit's part is small and didn't smash across anything that much but he made Cronar fearful at some points.

Jericho would see Derailed again and smash anyone who thinks this isn't a good movie.


Jericho rented this movie with Michael J. Fox and Phoebe Cates and Kiefer Sutherland and Tracy Pollan in it.

I never read book this movie was made from that was called Bright Lights, Big City.

Book was written by same man who wrote novel.

this man is called Jay Mcinerny.

Jericho has not ever read this book but has heard spoken of that it was written all in second person.

Maybe only good example of story written in second person outside of famous short story by Orosco called "Orientation" that is Cronar's favorite.

In memory of this book Jericho has decided to smash first and third person and write this review in second.

You are watch movie.

You are listen to crappy techno music.

You are see Michael J. Fox in club in place that is supposed to be manhattan but looks like LA.

You are see Kiefer sutherland.

You see Michael J. Fox give good performance that Jericho enjoys very much.

You feel same as Jericho does though, you feel that performance is wasted on wimpy script and stupid boring Kiefer Sutherland.

You see Michael J. Fox cry and look at mannequin of phoebe cates.

You see his flashback to when they were married but now you and him are all alone and you feel sad and you feel like you want to smash and destroy your tears.

You see Michael J. Fox flashback to scenes with his mother played by Diane Wiest who was in that movie little man tate was that Jericho like so much.

You see her get sick and die and Michael J. Fox is sad and trades this baker his 80's sunglasses for a piece of bread and after his nose bleeds to smashed pieces of noseflesh he doesn't give a destroyer's chance about Phoebe Cates and Kiefer Sutherland anymore.

You think about the coma baby in the movie.

This weird baby inside a bubble in this lady's womb.

You think about Jericho thinking about being in a womb.

Or the time you saw Jericho shrink down to womb size to fight the miniature devil.

Michael J. Fox is like the coma baby because the cocaine he does is like the rotting womb he doesn't want to leave.

Listen clip of Jericho sing personal song called "Don't Cry Now(Destroyer)":
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