Thursday, March 16, 2006

Eugenics is the quickest path to a world full of shitbags with Gucci watches. Three points in Down Syndrome's favor...

i. They teach us to be patient and loving. To stop and wait while they finish an activity give us an opportunity to observe small things more closely. They teach us gratitude for all the gifts that we are given. Because of their dependency, they teach us to be loving and caring. Without the dependency of needy people, our world would become careless and loveless.

ii. People with Down Syndrome have a different view of life. They seem to be able to detect the essential elements of life, and by their frankness and lack of social niceties they can cut through many formalities, disarm us from our prejudice and get to the heart of relationships. Jean Vanier, taking a person with Down's Syndrome to a wide beach in France, asked him to draw a picture of joy in the sand. This person responded, "the beach is not big enough."

iii. People with Down's Syndrome and other relatively helpless people force us to deal with our own helplessness. Sooner or later we must recognize that we all have handicaps and that we are all dying. The sooner we learn to deal with our helplessness, the better able we are to maximize our opportunities and utilize all our God given abilities and opportunities. Down's Syndrome children create a helpless cry like a kitten mewing on the rain soaked streets of a large city in the dead of night. We must deal with a crisis we would rather avoid. If we respond with nurture we grow. If we respond with aggression or neglect we begin to die, as does the kitten. A person with Down's Syndrome's inability to deal with many of the complexities of life forces us to decide to grow with them by nurturing their needs. If not, we die inside not able to hear their cry and respond to it, and thus not able to hear the cry of our own helplessness.

B. Moral Arguments. Down's Syndrome children force us to question many of our cherished moral tenets such as the equality of all humankind. They force us to reevaluate, rethink and restate assumptions that must guide us in critical situations. People with Down's Syndrome force us to question the ethic of wantedness.


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