Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jerichos destroys Palindromes

Jericho watch this movie (Ellen Barkin is famous actor in this movie) last night on pay-per-view.

Had big hopes since Jericho big fan of Todd Solondz films (Welcome to The Dollhouse, Happiness, Storytelling).

But this movie not live up to Jericho's expectations. Sorely lacked cruelty that was so crucial to other Solondz films. Came across somewhat like dickless film.

Jericho did appreciate that it seem to be first film dealing with abortion that sympathizes with the pro-life side more than pro-choice.

Focuses on the idea of unwanted people and how people are like palindromes because no matter which way you look at a palindrome it is still the same thing.

That is sort of like the abortion issuse. No matter which way you look at it, pro choice or pro life, Jericho thinks it's the same thing in the end. Just self-righteous asshole on either side just wanting to be right regardless of consequence.

Even shows the dump where all flushed babies get sent and this lady gives them proper burials.

Movie also touches on pedophiles and how they love kids. Fathers who think of themself as patient loving man even though they are exact opposite. Sort of reminds Jericho of his own father-in-law Bobby Teacor who is a born again white tiger who used to be gay with Siegried and Freud until the church made him all fixed up again. Fuck you Bobby Teacor, suck my ass!


Jericho out.


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