Thursday, March 16, 2006

Stoned With Skeletor #1

Welcome to the first addition of Stoned with Skeletor.

I, Skeletor, from the comfort of my cozy bedroom in Snake Mountain have been smoking weed.

9:00 A.M.

Ha ha ha!

I am Skeletor, the lord of Snake Mountain.

Who dares to ruin my high?


My magic staff will send him into another dimension!

Ha ha ha!

Some people think my dick is blue and they are right. It's blue just like the rest of my skin besides my skull face.

Sometimes I like to pretend I am the Hulk and say things like Hulk must smash.

Sometimes I like to scheme against He-Man and the rest of Eternia while listening to Hurts So Good while fucking Triclops.

Today I have to make a nice ambrosia for the Snake Mountain Jamboree.

We're gonna have everything there, a big inflatable room full of balls for the kids, free snacks and drinks.

The works!

I just hope nothing goes wrong at the Jamboree (what I really mean is I hope He-Man and Man-At-Arms don't show up to ruin my good time).


Beast Man keeps refusing to taste my ambrosia and won't give a reason for it.

He is such a fur-face.

He just left the party abruptly without saying anything and I saw Triclops leave about five minutes later and he was all red in the face like he was nervous and blushing.

Is he sneaking around with Beast-Man.

What the hell is going on here.


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