Friday, March 17, 2006

Stoned With Skeletor #2

T.S. Skeletor's "The Wasteland"

Back at Snake mountain I had two best friends
they lived there with me and helped me fight He-Man
one has three eyes that spun in circles the other was covered in orange fur
back at snake mountain I had two best friends
until the sorceress came and took my friends away

hear you me, Triclops
hear you me, Beast Man

Don't ask me what you know is true
Don't have to tell you I love your precious heart
I was standing
you were there
two worlds colliding (Eternia & Etheria?)

Then the horde came from a thousand years ago
to get revenge on me for betraying Hordak
I told you that She-Ra was He-Man's sister Evil-Lyn
why didn't you listen now she fucked your ass up

To He-Man:

What's the matter with you life why you got to mess with mine?
Don't keep sweatin what I do cuz i'm gonna be just fine
check it out
if i wanna take man-at-arms home with me to snake mountain
it's none of yo business

I can't do nuthin' man without somebody buggin
I treat He-Man like he treats me
the difference between a hooker and a ho ain't nuthin' but a fee!

To Man-At-Arms:

I heard you got sterilized to the crotch by lockjaw's laser beam
now they're tellin me your cum is just a dead cream

I stand around and look at you funny like I'm Peter Falk
I take my eye out, put it on your dick and give you herpes

I drink my yerba mate with a tea ball
strong with lots of heaping teaspoons

When I cruise the boulevard in my Monte Carlo
I hear you pull up next to me in Attack Track and yell,
"What's that smell are you some kind of slob?"
"No," I tells you, "that bitch Teelas in the trunk giving Moss man a blowjob that why it smells like moss and cum and shit because he humped Teela's butt and loosened up her shit."

Standing on the corner
blue sword in my hand
Triclops says it's cold
and Beast man's in a vest
and I'm in a rock n roll band

"Jane she is a clerk and both of them save their moneys when they come home from work."


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