Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jericho spend some time with Monique films

Jericho rent this Tony Scott movie "Domino" off of cable on demand. This movie good.

Has some of Jericho's favorite actors like Mickey Rourke, Keira Knightley and especially Monique.

Monique plays some lady who is the youngest grandmother ever. She goes on Jerry Springer in one part and tries to say how government should recognize her as "blacktina" because she is half black and half latina and then this half chinese half black girl in the audience gets all pissed and is like "Whatever Monique" and Monique is like, "Girl you chinegro."

Domino as a whole is interesting movie but not up there with Tony Scott's best (such as like Revenge, Top Gun, True Romance). Seems more like expirementally artistic sort of film that Tony Scott did for fun. Somewhat makes Jericho think of Walter Hill's Wild Bill. Movie was not nearly as good as most of Walter Hill's films (The Warriors, Southern Comfort, Last Man Standing) but was weird and artistic and all over the place.

Domino had one fucked up scene when guy gets arm blown off by shotgun by accident because of misheard phone call from Delroy Lindo. Also has good supporting acting from Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Green playing themselves.

Later on that night Jericho come across movie called Soul Plane. This movie also happen to feature Monique (this time in role of stewardess on N.W.A. airlines). Monique also funny and good in this movie.

This movie also feature Method Man, Snoop Dogg, Tom Arnold, a gay flight attendant who is fat. Tom Arnold's character's wife gets fucked mouth so bad by black guy with long dick that she get vocal chord damage and can't talk anymore. Tom Arnold hooks up with Monique in the end. Two of Jericho's favorite comedians hooking up makes this movie six stars this time.

Snoop Dogg gives good performance as pilot who trained with Al Quada. This movie have all sorts of bad tasted humour like that. Is daring and bold in that way.

Jericho must also give special mention to plane in this movie. Is big and purple and looks like reminds Jericho of female gargoyle friend Angela.

Overall Jericho think both these movies are good to watch.

Jericho out!!!


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