Saturday, April 29, 2006


Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Holidays, Diclis and I send our best wishes to one and all! We have enclosed a page of photos of our family.
As you can see, our family is growing.
Not only do all of our children have master's degrees but they are also married.
That is except for my Grady boy, because he's special and his doctor says he's never seen anything like it in his whole life.
Suzannne has four little ones, the oldest, Virginia Emilie is 4, Charles Lincoln is 3, Robert L. and Caroline Nancy are both 1. Charles and Heather are expecting their first in May, 2006!!
At the upper left side, I am holding both Virginia and Caroline, next Diclis with his arms full of Charles and Robert.
Under those photos are RD (holding Caroline) with his wife, Jennifer.
Under that is RD holding Robert.
Virginia is in her Halloween "princess fairy" costume. Diclis is at the bottom with bottles in the mouths of Suzanne's twins.
Next is Charles Barker holding his God Son, Charles Lincoln.
Then there's Grady rolling around on the floor with the cat.
As you can tell by the photo, Grady's fur is matted down. That is because he had just returned from the hospital after having his second penis clipped off. He has to have it done every six months or it grows too long and tangles in his dungarees.
Of course you can see Suzanne holding the twins in their Christening gowns.
In the next picture Grady is standing in what he calls his "office" (which used to be my walk-in closet). The pictures covering the walls are all of these people who died in bus accidents.
Next lower, is the whole Sanders family. At the upper middle, is an invitation Dick and I received for Heather's celebratory dinner at the Brown Palace in Denver. The second picture is from this fall's New York City marathon where Charles ran the full length and we watched him finish in good time. Charles has also completed the Denver and Chicago marathons this year.
The next top picture is of Dick,me, Charles, my sister Nancy, Nacy's husband Richard, and Heather. We are at Emerald Lake, north of our house at Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado.
The next lower picture was taken at All Saints Episcopal Church after the twin's baptism. Travis is holding one of them (which one?) next are Jennifer and RD. then Suzanne and a twin and Virginia and Charles. RD is a Godparent to the twins.
In this next picture Grady has one of the twins (?) nailed down to a chopping block. Grady cut him up for stew meat or something like that. He's always working up a fuss over this recipe book they love, it's called the Necronomicon. I think one of the chefs, Cthulu, is pretty well known. I think he must be Puerto Rican or something.
Then Diclis and I at Napa, California this fall and lower right in Colorado in January, 2005. The "real" photo in our card is of us in a church near Budapest.
We have both had a busy year. Dick is still working with his business interests, having built another pipeline to add to the Chicago Midway jet fuel pipeline, this one is a little closer to home, a natural gas pipeline in the Arkansas Fayetteville shale.
Diclis still works out just about every day which has enabled him to ski all day without tiring. He rides his motorcycle. We towed it up to Colorado this summer and had a lovely picnic along the Taylor River. He is completing his 6th year as Treasurer of our church.
I have been LOVING BABIES and traveling (with Dick). We spent a month in Eastern Europe this August and it was very interesting.

It goes without saying that Suzanne and Travis are very busy. With the addition of the twins in November, 2004, they added a new home and two full time nannies (one for night, one for day, with a third part time in the early evening). Travis has been busy with running two businesses along with Dick. A jet fuel company and the before mentioned school, gymnastics, ballet, piano at TCU. And Saturday soccer (Travis coached Virginia's team, the Lady Bugs). Suzanne and Dick take the twins to a TCU early childhood music appreciatin class. DICK LOVES THIS!! Charles and Robert both have tubes in their ears and Caroline will recieve the same next week. They have kept the pediatrician's office busy, where are you Dr. Heather?!!! Suzanne does manage to lunch with friends, shop, shop some more, do Junior League, Junior Women's, maybe Chi Omega, takes the children regularly to Godly play at our church. Oh yes, Travis is on the finance board of our parish day school. Suzanne will bring the older two to Colorado for skiing.

RD and Jennifer have celebrated their second year of marriage. They live in a lovely home in Austin, Texas. RD has become an expert at swimming pool maintenance and he enjoys planting and gardening. They are both busy in their careers. Jennifer as an executive ofo an advertising company and RD as a consultant with a small environmental company where he prepares Spill Plans, Phase I environmental studies and remediates all sorts of nasty things. He made a special effort to attend Dick's brother's wedding in Memphis last year, which was very much appreciated. "Little Diclis" also manages to go to a few Texas A&M football games (Jennifer is a UT grad and I don't think has the same amount of enthusiasm for A&M) where he catches up with old friends. RD has always had an abundance of friends whose relationships seem to endure throughout the years, which certainly adds testimony to his character. He also hunts, this fall it has been said that he eliminated a hog of Mexican origin...Did you roast that, RD? They will be joining us this Christmas in Colorado for a week of skiing.

Charles and Heather moved this year to a home that is quite close-in to his work and to her hospital in Denver. Their home was built in 1932 and is in an area called Park Hill. They also adopted "Chester". Chester is a beautiful black lab and Charles fell in love with him. Three weeks after the adoption Chester had to have very expensive surgery. Chester is a very LUCKY DOG!! Charles began this year with Patina Oil and Gas and ended with Noble Drilling. Noble bought Patina. Charles justs keeps getting these severance deals. Better to be lucky than smart, but when you are both it is an awesome combination. As pictured, Charles ran the New York Marathon this fall and Heather, Dick and I enjoyed watching him. We rode the subway to mile 7 which was in Brooklyn, to mile 18 which was in Harlem and to mile 24 near Central Park and then to the FINISH LINE in Central Park!! It was so much fun. We toppeed it off with a short stay which included a night at the theatre enjoying Phantom of the Opera. Heather finished her Pediatric Residency this last May. We went to a dinner honoring all the new MD's. During dinner we listened to short speeches about each of the graduates, their future plans and interesting personal "tidbits" about them. We learned that Heather was called the "velvet hammer". She very nicely and beautifully gets what she wants done!!! She also recievede the great honor of being chosen to be the Chief Resident at Denver Children's Hospital this year. She is expecting their first child next May and she tells me she will work "up to the day". Charles and Heather will join us in Crested Butte, Colorado this Christmas for a family visit. Charles will ski and I think Heather will leave that out for this year!! Pray for my Grady. He was caught in the neighbor's basement with the remains of a teenage girl stuck to his mouth and claws, when the cops came, Petey O'Toole was dancing around Grady, naked and covered in blood and the cops shot him.
Grady made it home and we're holed up at the moment with Diclis's guns. Diclis says we should be sensible and turn ourselves in. But I won't let those rotten assholes get Grady!!

We wish each of you a merry christmas,
Emilie & Diclis